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101 Young Adult Novels

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    101 Young Adult Novels for your English language class,
    by Christian Holzmann, is a unique anthology of young adult
    novels to read in class or as part of an extensive reading
    programme. 101 books, chosen for you and indexed by both
    level and keywords.
    Lively double-page spreads include excerpts to give a feel
    for each book plus lots of information on how to extend the
    student’s reading experience.
    To help you choose appropriate material for your young
    adult class;
    To help you fi nd appropriate tasks (in moderation);
    To show that reading for pleasure is FUN;
    To show that reading opens doors to other worlds and
    other cultures;
    To show that reading can be highly motivational when
    learning a foreign language;
    To show that reading offers you some great language input.
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